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8 Common Lies That Hiring Managers Can Easily Spot arrow 

By Lisa Gootman Yudico   As a recruiter for over thirteen years, I have seen and heard it all. From impressive exaggerations on resumes to outright fabrications during interviews, trust me when I say: the holes always come out. The urge to present oneself in the best possible light is both understandable and seems necessary […]

7 Skills to Leave Off Your Resume arrow 

It has been an honor to be mentioned in the recent article from BusinessTech. In their post, they identified certain skills that you should no longer include in your resume. Here, we stressed that adding fillers on your resume such as listing basic computer skills may indicate lack of better items to include. Though there might […]

11 Things to Never Say During Your Performance Review arrow 

Our founding partner of Atlas Search, Scott Stenzler is mentioned in the article by Glassdoor in regards to the Performance Review. There is a lot that can be learned from this article teaching how to steer clear of some words, and get closer to passing your performance review. “Yes, yes, yes” While you don’t want to dismiss your manager’s […]

How To Future-Proof Your Career In A Fast-Changing, Unforgiving Global Job Market arrow 

Rob Parks, founding partner of the firm, weighs in on the effect of technology on the ever-changing world of finance. Having a diversified background as a candidate looking to make it in the world of finance may be the strongest asset you could have. Rob Parks, founding partner at Atlas Search said, “More of our […]

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