Physical Therapist

About the Opportunity

We are seeking a skilled and compassionate Physical Therapist to join our client’s team in New York and provide exceptional rehabilitation services to their patients. As a Physical Therapist, you will play a crucial role in helping individuals restore mobility, improve function, and enhance their overall quality of life through evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

The annual base salary range is $75,000 to $90,000. Actual compensation offered to the successful candidate may vary from posted hiring range based upon geographic location, work experience, education, and/or skill level, among other things. Details about eligibility for bonus compensation (if applicable) will be finalized at the time of offer.


Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct comprehensive evaluations of patients’ physical abilities, including range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, and functional mobility, to develop personalized treatment plans.
  • Design and implement individualized physical therapy interventions, incorporating therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, modalities, and functional activities to address patients’ impairments and achieve rehabilitation goals
  • Monitor patients’ progress and adjust treatment plans as needed, documenting objective measures, functional outcomes, and treatment interventions accurately and efficiently in electronic health records (EHR).
  • Educate patients and their families about their conditions, treatment options, home exercise programs, and strategies for injury prevention, empowering them to actively participate in their rehabilitation process and optimize outcomes
  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary team members, including physicians, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and rehabilitation aides, to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care delivery that meets the holistic needs of patients
  • Provide skilled manual therapy techniques, such as joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilizations, and therapeutic massage, to alleviate pain, improve tissue mobility, and facilitate functional recovery
  • Utilize therapeutic modalities, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat, and cold therapy, judiciously and effectively to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue healing
  • Assess and prescribe appropriate assistive devices, orthotic devices, and adaptive equipment to support patients’ mobility, independence, and safety in activities of daily living
  • Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings, case conferences, and clinical rounds to discuss patient progress, treatment planning, discharge planning, and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Stay current with evidence-based practice guidelines, clinical research, and continuing education opportunities in physical therapy, maintaining professional licensure and certifications as required by state regulations and professional standards
  • Adhere to ethical principles, professional standards, and regulatory requirements governing physical therapy practice, including patient confidentiality, informed consent, and patient safety protocols.
  • Engage in quality improvement initiatives, outcome measurement activities, and performance monitoring to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of physical therapy services and promote continuous improvement in patient care delivery


Job Requirements

  • Master’s or Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited program
  • Current licensure as a Physical Therapist (PT) in the state of practice
  • Minimum of 1-2 years of clinical experience as a Physical Therapist, preferably in an outpatient rehabilitation setting
  • Strong clinical assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment planning skills, with proficiency in developing evidence-based treatment plans and goals
  • Dedication to professional growth and lifelong learning, with a commitment to continuing education, certification maintenance, and participation in professional organizations and conferences
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, prioritize tasks, and manage time efficiently in a fast-paced and dynamic clinical environment

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